Mark Ryden ~ “The Meat Show – Paintings about Children, God, and USDA Grade A Beef” Christina Inside Sue Snow White The Birth of Venus Artist Statement – “Meat” – October 2001: “I’ve been asked over and over why I paint meat. I suppose I have to admit one of the reasons I like to paint meat is because people do wonder about it so much. There are actually many reasons. …I think about how “Meat” was once part of a beautiful living creature that has then become an inanimate “substance” that we treat with little regard or awareness of what it once was. It was once alive. …There is an obvious horror connected with the meat industry: the blood, the gore, the inhumane butchery. …Beyond the conceptual impact, meat simply has a very strong visual quality. Meat is glorious to paint. It is so easy to transcend the representational to the abstract. Meat has been a subject for painters from Rembrandt to Van Gogh.”